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Wire goods

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Closed S Hooks
Closed S Hooks Light hook design for hanging home and industrial products Can be opened and ..

Hook/Eye Turnbuckles
Hook/Eye Turnbuckles Designed for tightening or drawing together various lines and cables He..

J Bolts
J Bolts Designed for home and farm applications Hex nut included Standard machine screw th..

Jaw/Jaw Turnbuckles
Jaw/Jaw Turnbuckles Designed for use in marine, industrial and construction applications Mee..

Lift Cables
Lift Cables Stock # S730-690 Catalog # CD1816 ..

Rings w/Eye Bolts, Nuts
Rings w/Eye Bolts, Nuts Design for animal tie downs and other home and farm applications 2 I..

Solid Brass Shoulder Hook
Solid Brass Shoulder Hook Designed as a horizontal hook with a bend so items don't fall off ..

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